How not to make a beach bag


It is summer, and you are debating on purchasing or making a new beach bag.  You tell yourself why not make it?  How hard can that be?  After doing a little research, you found the perfect handbag pattern that you are 100% sure you can sew.  The instructions, to create your masterpiece, are clear and straightforward to follow along.  Now, all that is needed are the fabric, the bag accessories and some persistent to work on your bag. 

  It is now the weekend, and you are ready, to make your fabric bag. You are enthusiastic because in a few hours you will have your very own unique bag made by you.  What can go wrong?  However, after cutting the material, you realize that your bag instructions are not straightforward or simple.  Nevertheless, you tell yourself, not to worry; you can always research on how to sew beach bags from YouTube. After all, you have the whole weekend to finish your project. But, after watching several hours of different handbags pattern, you are far more confused than when you first started the project.  Nonetheless, you are not a quitter, so you continue searching the internet for additional bags instructions. Before you know it, you have spent many countless hours viewing different articles on the web.  Each site shows how to make a fabric handbag, but none shows you how to make your beach bag. 

   Ladies, if this ever happens to you, then you are not alone. A few months ago, I spent two months trying to make a quilted bedspread. After many days of frustration, I then decided to buy a quilted comforter instead of making it.  The funny part of it was it cost me less money to purchase the bedspread than to make it.   I finally acknowledge that I am not a Jack of all trades. Some of us excel at sewing while others excel at knitting or quilting.  I understood that I needed to know my strengths and my weaknesses.  My talent is in sewing but not quilting. Thus here is my little secret to you when you are in a situation like this. If you are not proficient in any of your projects, in my case, it is quilting, then purchase the item. Trust me; you will save yourself from sleepless night and heartache. 

  We are now living in a world that with a click of a button we can buy almost anything online. If you want a bag that is unique, then for an additional cost but at a reasonable price, you can have someone create your particular item.  If you are not into the high-end fabric bags, then comb through the craft websites like Etsy or Amazon for low-cost woman handbags. Many Etsy and Amazon designers are marketing their custom handmade bags for an affordable price.  The price ranges, depending on the size, material, color and design, can be as low as $20. Each bag design is unique, and some designers can customize your bag to fit your taste.   I say it is a win-win situation.

Therefore ladies, how not to make a handbag at home?  By taking advantage of someone else time and allowing them to do the hard work for you.   Find designers on Etsy or  Amazons who can create your unique woman handbag. and