A Lovely and stylish Recycled Vintage Mason Jar Silver Drop Earrings fashion jewelry

Lamodevous top choice handmade jewelry for the week


A Lovely and stylish Recycled Vintage Mason Jar Silver Drop Earrings,  made by  Bottled Up Designs,  is my Amazon top choice handmade fashion jewelry for this week. The drops were made from vivid aquamarine broken vintage blue mason jars.  It is a great plus for me because I believe in recycling products that are harmful to our environment. The designer also mentions that the reclaimed blue mason jars were grounded first, and then it is melted to give the drop the bright aquamarine look.  I wish I could have seen the process of heating and reshaping the drop. I love anything that deals with art. I know that the artist spends long hours creating his or her masterpiece with persistent and passion.  

Ladies for those of you who love the sterling plated brass earring with surgical steel wires; then this beauty is definitely a must-have for your fashion jewelry accessories. The teardrops size it just about the right size for everyday wear.  It measures .5 inches wide, and the total hang length is about 1 ¼.

For ladies who love unique handmade fashion jewelry, and supports local artists, our Silver drop earrings artist is from Pennsylvania.  If you have any question about her design, she will be happy to answer any questions you might have on her earrings.

The drop earring is gorgeous, and the price is reasonable.  Out of the 104 customers that purchased the item, 98% gave very positive reviews.  You can view the item on  Lamodevous.com  or you can click the Amazon  BUY NOW button.