Summer is here

Summer is here! Get out your road maps, update your GPS  and get ready for your summer adventures.
Do not forget you small cross body bag to carry your ever so reliable and trusted smartphone.
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How not to make a beach bag


It is summer, and you are debating on purchasing or making a new beach bag.  You tell yourself why not make it?  How hard can that be?  After doing a little research, you found the perfect handbag pattern that you are 100% sure you can sew.  The instructions, to create your masterpiece, are clear and straightforward to follow along.  Now, all that is needed are the fabric, the bag accessories and some persistent to work on your bag. 

  It is now the weekend, and you are ready, to make your fabric bag. You are enthusiastic because in a few hours you will have your very own unique bag made by you.  What can go wrong?  However, after cutting the material, you realize that your bag instructions are not straightforward or simple.  Nevertheless, you tell yourself, not to worry; you can always research on how to sew beach bags from YouTube. After all, you have the whole weekend to finish your project. But, after watching several hours of different handbags pattern, you are far more confused than when you first started the project.  Nonetheless, you are not a quitter, so you continue searching the internet for additional bags instructions. Before you know it, you have spent many countless hours viewing different articles on the web.  Each site shows how to make a fabric handbag, but none shows you how to make your beach bag. 

   Ladies, if this ever happens to you, then you are not alone. A few months ago, I spent two months trying to make a quilted bedspread. After many days of frustration, I then decided to buy a quilted comforter instead of making it.  The funny part of it was it cost me less money to purchase the bedspread than to make it.   I finally acknowledge that I am not a Jack of all trades. Some of us excel at sewing while others excel at knitting or quilting.  I understood that I needed to know my strengths and my weaknesses.  My talent is in sewing but not quilting. Thus here is my little secret to you when you are in a situation like this. If you are not proficient in any of your projects, in my case, it is quilting, then purchase the item. Trust me; you will save yourself from sleepless night and heartache. 

  We are now living in a world that with a click of a button we can buy almost anything online. If you want a bag that is unique, then for an additional cost but at a reasonable price, you can have someone create your particular item.  If you are not into the high-end fabric bags, then comb through the craft websites like Etsy or Amazon for low-cost woman handbags. Many Etsy and Amazon designers are marketing their custom handmade bags for an affordable price.  The price ranges, depending on the size, material, color and design, can be as low as $20. Each bag design is unique, and some designers can customize your bag to fit your taste.   I say it is a win-win situation.

Therefore ladies, how not to make a handbag at home?  By taking advantage of someone else time and allowing them to do the hard work for you.   Find designers on Etsy or  Amazons who can create your unique woman handbag. and

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Clutch purse that has everyone Green with envy?


Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a clutch purse that has everyone Green with envy?



During my weekly search on, I came across a beautiful woman’s clutch purse made by Luda Melnick.   The designer creates her masterpiece by taking three different warm colors, made from leather, to create a stunning clutch bag.  The three colors that are blend skillfully together by the designer are warm beige, soft blue, and navy blue.  This classy envelope purse is crafted with beautiful beige top stitches to complement the handmade clutch bag.

By now you must be saying to yourself, why should I purchase this bag?   Ladies, you have the advantage of mix and matching several outfits but using only one clutch bag to match your outfit; thus, saving you time and money shopping for different evening bags to match your attires. For example,

You can wear a light blue pants suit with a beige shirt with your new classy purse.

Another great benefit purchasing this evening bag is it is not big, so it is easy to carry around.  It measured only 11.4 X 7.5, and it comes with a 100cm silver-tone chain handle.  If you are not a fan of carrying bags at your side, then have no fear. Our evening bag also comes with a wrist strap.

Ladies, this is a must have from Luda Melnick Amazon. She has many more colors to choose from, and I believe you will love her summer designs. Click the buy button to take you to Amazon to look at her creations.




A Lovely and stylish Recycled Vintage Mason Jar Silver Drop Earrings fashion jewelry

Lamodevous top choice handmade jewelry for the week


A Lovely and stylish Recycled Vintage Mason Jar Silver Drop Earrings,  made by  Bottled Up Designs,  is my Amazon top choice handmade fashion jewelry for this week. The drops were made from vivid aquamarine broken vintage blue mason jars.  It is a great plus for me because I believe in recycling products that are harmful to our environment. The designer also mentions that the reclaimed blue mason jars were grounded first, and then it is melted to give the drop the bright aquamarine look.  I wish I could have seen the process of heating and reshaping the drop. I love anything that deals with art. I know that the artist spends long hours creating his or her masterpiece with persistent and passion.  

Ladies for those of you who love the sterling plated brass earring with surgical steel wires; then this beauty is definitely a must-have for your fashion jewelry accessories. The teardrops size it just about the right size for everyday wear.  It measures .5 inches wide, and the total hang length is about 1 ¼.

For ladies who love unique handmade fashion jewelry, and supports local artists, our Silver drop earrings artist is from Pennsylvania.  If you have any question about her design, she will be happy to answer any questions you might have on her earrings.

The drop earring is gorgeous, and the price is reasonable.  Out of the 104 customers that purchased the item, 98% gave very positive reviews.  You can view the item on  or you can click the Amazon  BUY NOW button.



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Women Fashion Jewelry you cannot help but love:

Women Fashion Jewelry you cannot help but love:


During my weekly search on Amazon, I came across several beautiful yet reasonably priced women fashion jewelry.  I was so thrilled over the new-found prize that within minutes, I had my credit card ready to charge.   At the very last minute, right before I clicked the buy button, I stopped. I was not shopping for me; I was on Amazon site looking for hard to find items for my customers. I sadly and gracefully stash away my card.

Ladies, below are the two pendants  I love.  The colors were the first feature that caught my eyes.   The stone colors are vivid, and the pendants designs are very artistic.  My decision to select one over the other is undecided. Therefore, I am going to leave it to you for you to decide.  I hope you like the feature and the quality of the necklaces.


Heart of the Ocean

My first pick is the “heart of the ocean..”.  Sold by  Qianse Jewelry Direct and available to buy on Amazon. The chain is white plated gold 18.2  inches long.  The pendant length is 1 inch, and width is 1.06 inch wide.
Amazon shows a rating of 4.4  stars and recent customers who bought the items were happy with their purchase.
The only disadvantage I have seen is, the chain is not 14k  white gold, and some customers commented that the pendant is not Swarovski crystal.   However, with a rating of 4.4  out of 5 stars and  740 purchase customers.  I will leave it to the future buyers to agree or disagree.


Courageous Heart


My second pick was the sue Secret “Courageous Heart.” Gradient Purple Noble Heart Pendent Necklace.
Like the blue pendant, the neckless is made from crystals from Swarovski. The Heart Pendant is 1inch in Height and 0.8inch in width. The length of the Chain is about 18 inches long.  The Color of the pendant is Light Purple, Clear, and Rainbow Colors.
Amazon rating for the pendant is 4.8 out of 5 stars and about 74 customers purchased the item.
Once again, the only disadvantages are, the chain is not gold, and the crystals are not diamonds.

To purchase the  women fashion jewelry  on Amazon site, just click on the pictures or links.

Check out my site Lamodevous  for men handmade bags.



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How do you find the right bag to fit your needs?

How do you find the right bag to fit your needs?


A few days ago, I came across a blog post where someone needed help finding a suitable handbag for a job interview.

Most of us can answer the question; however, some of us still need a helping hand in choosing the correct bag for an occasion.

In today’s society, we have several different styles to choose.  Unbelievably, some of us get a little crazy when trying to choose the best bag that suits our needs.  A century ago, a small bag was perfect for a formal dinner party, and a medium bag was ideal for an everyday shopping date.  Now, today we are faced with the decisions of buying a  side bag, shoulder bag, messenger bag, sports bag and a backpack to name a few.

When we finally decided on our bag type, then we contemplate on the bag size, colors and price tag.  Most of us, instead of bag hunting, we search the Internet, or purchase copies of fashion magazines, in the hope of finding quick answers to help solve our problem.

To assist in resolving our dilemma, I did a little research, and I have put together a list of specific questions to ask yourself when shopping for a new bag. My questions may sound simple.  However, it can help you make a stress-free decision.  The questions are:

  • Do I want a bag that is unique, spacious, functional and durable?
  • What are my set limits that I am willing to pay for the bag?
  • How often will I use my bag, and where will I use it?  For example, work, shopping, dinner, and so on.
  • Do I have outfits that complement my new bag color?

These are the four most important questions you asked yourself before buying a bag. I hope that it will narrow down your choices.

If you still need help, here are some examples of what type of bag to purchase for different needs.

For students that are always on the go, a backpack or messenger bag.  Not only it comes in various colors but also it has the added benefit of having many zipped compartments to hold small to large items. You can store your computer, schoolbooks, and phone with ease.

For short shopping days, a casual small body side bag is an ideal accessory that fits the occasion. The bag is big enough to carry valuable items such as your keys, credit cards, checkbook and your phone, yet small enough not to distract you while out shopping.

For the mature women’s attending a late-night dinner party, small purses are an excellent idea to carry small items while showing off your gorgeous dresses.

For mothers with young babies or infants, the hobo bag is a casual day bag that is roomy yet trendy. It is spacious yet fashionable, and it can carry all your baby items.

For the young man or young woman on the go, a messenger bag is a splendid idea to store your computer, or a small satchel can store your tablet, phone, and keys.

For a job interview, a professional portfolio is suited for the occasion. If you must carry a purse, a small purse or a small bag is acceptable for the event.

I hope my little article helps you select your next bag.  Remember always check out several stores before making a purchase.  If you are looking for something handmade, casual, dependable, durable and for everyday use, click on my website. Lamodevous or cgmcdesigns.

Handmade bags that I know you will like.  Ready to purchase from Amazon? Clink the buy from button :

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